Plumber Marketing Materials to Be Remembered By

One of the best sources of new business for a plumber is referral business. The customer gives you a call with the intention of hiring you. They already know how much you charge and that you do good work because they’ve already heard all about it from the person that gave them your name and number. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your customers remember your name. After every job that you complete, it’s recommended to leave some sort of marketing material behind so that customers will easily recall your name when they need plumbing services the next time or when a friend, family member, colleague, neighbor, etc. asks them for a recommendation.


Here are 4 custom printed marketing materials that are recommended for plumbers:


Business cards
This should be an obvious one. Anyone in a service based business should carry business cards at all times. You never know when you might start speaking to someone that is in need of the services that you offer. Handing over a business card is much easier than verbally giving someone your phone number or email address. Once you’ve completed a job on site, be sure to leave your business card with the customer. You can even attach it to their copy of the bill. A professionally printed business card always looks best. It can integrate your logo and there are so many options regarding color schemes and fonts. Business cards can even be printed on plastic today so that they are more durable.


Nobody is going to pass up a free pen. Create custom pens that have all of your contact information on them. Every time a customer uses the pen they are interacting with your brand. If it’s a high quality pen it could be used quite often and could potentially be a staple item in the household for years.


Just like the pens, a custom printed magnet could also have a long shelf life in the homes of your customers. The magnet should include your logo and all contact information. To increase the chances that the magnet gets put up on the refrigerator, consider adding a useful element to the magnet. You could create a calendar magnet that outlines all of the plumbing services that should be done in a household and at what time of year.


Yard Signs
Yard signs aren’t just for realtors. If you provided a great service, the customer might be willing to put a sign out front for a few weeks promoting your company. You could even discount the plumbing services as a tradeoff to get the sign up there. This is an especially good way to advertise if the customer is located in a heavily trafficked area.

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