Stay In Touch with Customers to Gain Repeat Business

In addition to generating business from new customers, a focus of your marketing strategy for your plumbing business should be to gain repeat business from previous customers. In order to generate repeat business, your plumbing company will need to do all that it can to stay top of mind. If someone calls a plumbing company and has a small job completed, there is no guarantee that they will remember the name of that plumbing company a few months or a few years down the road when they are in need of a plumber again. This is true even if the service was excellent. So, it is the job of your plumbing business to keep the name of your company top of mind so that the customer doesn’t go searching for a new plumber. They should know who to call right when the issue arises!


Here are 3 ways to be remembered by your customers:


Send out newsletters
A company newsletter is a great way to stay top of mind with your past plumbing customers. A newsletter can be sent on a monthly basis, although a quarterly newsletter is probably sufficient. The newsletter should include useful content that will make the recipient want to read it. Simple “how to” articles or plumbing tips for homeowners are valuable. If the information is good enough, it might even be posted in a prominent place in the home- like on the refrigerator! A newsletter should be sent out to every previous customer that you’ve had. Since you’ve done work at the location, you already have the address to send it to. A less expensive alternative to the direct mail newsletter is an email newsletter. The same types of information can be included in the email newsletter, just be sure to ask all customers for an email address when you have finished working with them and if it’s OK to send these types of communications, you don’t want your email to end up in the spam folder!


Send holiday cards
The holidays are the perfect time to send a card out to your customers. Of course, you need to keep in mind that not all customers celebrate the same holidays so a generic “Happy Holidays” card is always best. This is a great way to separate your plumbing business from all of your competitors. Send out a holiday card that catches their eye in some way, it could even be something funny. A unique holiday card is more likely to be put in the bin with all of the cards from friends and family as opposed to thrown into the trash can. A holiday card can even include a promotion or coupon for service in the upcoming year.


Social media posts
Social media has become an important component of marketing a business today. Encourage customers to follow your social media accounts by posting content that they’d like to see- links to helpful articles or occasional promotions. If your content is appearing in their social media news feed there’s a good chance that they will know who to contact when they are having a plumbing problem that needs to be fixed.


This may be an obvious plug for “1-800-PLUMBING”, but a vanity number will create the “TOMA”, that’s top of mind awareness, that will not only help your customers remember your company, it will make you un-forgettable! There are many strategies to build top of mind awareness. A vanity phone number is a powerful tool, that when properly integrated into your company’s marketing and advertising program, will yield great results.

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