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Having a local certified plumber by your side when you are having a plumbing emergency is important. Not all of us know how to fix a plumbing problem on our own. Let’s face it: We do not all feel comfortable pulling apart and snaking our drains, toilets, or installing fixtures on our own. Even if you have tried DIY plumbing repair and now have a major problem on your hands, a certified local plumber in your area can help.

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1-800-PLUMBING is your resource to find qualified and trusted plumbing contractors, emergency plumbers, and home plumbing repair advice. When you need a plumber, all you have to remember is to call 1-800-PLUMBING!

HVAC Plumbing Contractor

HVAC, or H-VAK as pronounced by many, stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. HVAC can also be interpreted as ‘climate control’. HVAC is highly important when dealing with medium to large design industrial buildings for that exact purpose. For example, Sky Scrapers and marine environments with high humidity and temperature control that is closely regulated while holding to safety and health conditions must meet HVAC standards.


Plumbing Services

Depending on the plumbing emergency and extremity of the plumbing repair that needs to be made, plumber rates can add up. That is why we suggest you fix your plumbing problem as soon as it occurs even starting with a slow drip or mild leak. Delaying your plumbing repair is only going to make your pipes susceptive to a sudden burst, resulting in emergency plumbing and higher plumber rates.


DIY Plumbing Repairs

Many do it yourselfers still run into common plumbing repair problems as you try to solve what you thought was a quick fix. When things go wrong, the first thing you need to do is ask a plumber for some assistance to get help on a plumbing repair. 1-800-PLUMBING provides you with a great directory of plumbing tips that should be able to get you started. If you do not find the answer you are seeking, please contact a plumbing contractor to assist you with your needs.


Fixture Installations

Many of the common plumbing fixtures include bathtubs, toilets, bidets, Channel Drains, Drinking fountains, hose bibbs, kitchen sinks, water re-circulators, lavatories, showers, faucets, shower heads, terminal valves for dishwashers, ice makers, humidifiers, urinals, utility sinks. 1-800-PLUMBING professional contractors can provide the service to install the fixtures that you need and do it right!

With all the wonderful technology advances, you can count on a 1-800-PLUMBING contractor to provide the right solution for fixture installations!


With the addition of the 3 gallon compressor as an aftermarket item, suddenly the applications for the Personal Plumber have just sky rocketed.

Not only will the owners of the Personal Plumber be able to use the 6 plus applications the Personal Plumber was designed for; plunging toilets with its one of a kind patented toilet plunger, plunge sinks, shower, any stopped up drains, air up tires, blowout condensation lines, air up inflatable mattresses, blow out water lines and sprinkler systems that have a tendency of freezing; we now have many more usable functions that are available to EVERYONE.

THE NEW FEATURES: Airbrushing – Nail gun applications – Stapling and much more. Let your imagination run away with you. This is probably one of the most versatile tools on the market!


The selling price for the complete Personal Plumber unit with the 3 gallon compressor is $329.95. The selling price for the original unit is $229.95; shipping is included.

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Plumbing Marketing

1-800 PLUMBING offers plumbing marketing assistance for those looking to expand their business to both the offline and constantly expanding online consumer market. Each 1-800-PLUMBING licensee has exclusive use of the number in their service area. In addition to exclusive use of the the number "1-800-PLUMBING", licensees receive a comprehensive marketing toolbox which includes magnets, door hangers, a radio jingle, full color logo, and more. Licensees are encouraged to put the number on their service trucks, business cards, uniforms, hats, stickers etc. As licensees build "top of mind" awareness of 1-800-PLUMBING, customers will just pick up the phone and dial "1-800-PLUMBING" and will not have to go digging through the yellow pages and risk hiring the competition. Effective plumbing marketing with the 1-800 PLUMBING number will give you the competitive edge you are looking for. Your potential customers will no longer have to pick up a phone book; they'll just know your number.

Take advantage of this plumbing marketing offer with 1-800 PLUMBING before your competitor does. Contact 1-800 PLUMBING for your plumbing marketing needs. Check to see if the 1-800 PLUMBING number is available for your area, and find out if you qualify, by contacting us by email (, phone: 1-800-758-6298, or filling out an online application and faxing it to 623-584-2751.

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When you need a plumber, all you have to

remember is to call 1-800-PLUMBING!